Submit A Graphic Request
Have an event coming up or need a slide made for Sunday morning? You came to the right place!

Please follow the guidelines below to submit a graphic and/or communications request. Please contact Hannah if you have any questions.

Submit A Request

Before You Start...

Before filling out the request form, make sure you have all of the necessary information for the graphic/event accessible.

  • What time and date will it take place?
  • Do people need to register?
  • When do you want this graphic to be shown, and for how many weeks?
  • What all do you need made? (slide, brochure, signage, etc.)


The timeframes listed are from the date when promotion of your graphic/event should begin - not from the day of the event itself. For example, if you want to promote your graphic for 3 weeks on Sunday mornings, you ideally need to submit the graphics request at least 6 weeks out from the day of the event. This allows for 2 weeks for the graphic to be made, and 3 weeks for it to run on Sunday mornings before the day of the event.

Digital Graphic / Event   2-3 weeks + any promotional time
Print   5 weeks (print time included)
Merchandise   5 weeks (print time included)
External Advertising   4-5 weeks* *dependent on vendor
Assets   4-5 weeks + additional deliverables timeframes
Signage   5 weeks (print time included)
Video   6 week minimum* *dependent on work load

Please Note

It's important to note that the Communications Team has final say on the overall design and style of the product. You can trust that we are keeping with current trends, thinking about the audience (who the product is for), and listening to your input. Overall, the Communications Team will create products and graphics that reflect the overall brand of First UMC and the Life Center.

Please remember that your suggested deadline is not a guarantee of delivery, but rather a starting point for our records. The Communications Team reserves the right to edit all communications requests, and requests will only be approved as time and space allows.