On Sunday, August 8th, the Leadership Board chairperson offered an update on building-related conversations and our Finance chairperson offered an update on the financials for the church as of July 2021. I then shared my own thoughts on these matters and offered the conclusion I felt best aligned with what I have been feeling in my prayer time. We stressed, and I do so again here, that no one has made any decisions for the church. The church will decide what to do with this information. Because many of you understood that you will ultimately get a voice in the discussion, you have been asking me an important question: “What is next?” I will give you the most up-to-date information I have on that question, and then ask for grace as we navigate it moving forward. 

After the August 8th meeting, numerous people asked if the city conversations were done. A few offered to help by having official conversations with the mayor about the matter to see what options may be available. The Leadership Board believed this was a good idea. On the recommendation of some folks from the congregation, the board commissioned the representatives listed by Jeff Griffin on Sunday, August 15th. That group of three, well-qualified, and well-trusted members of this church will meet with the city to discuss the possibilities. Those possibilities will eventually be brought back to you, the church, along with any other options the Leadership Board may come up with along the way. 

For now, that means we are asking you to do two things:

  • First, as I have asked in my pastoral letter this month, pray. No one enjoys that this conversation must happen…but it must. We cannot continue doing the same thing we have been doing. We must pray. There is division in our membership and there is no easy answer, but God knows the way. Pray that we all would see the way, too. 
  • Second, we all need to remain calm. No decision has been made and will not be made without our membership voting on it. Do not let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise. The church decides on these matters. As information becomes available, it will be given to you. If no information has been given in a week or two, that is because we have nothing new to share yet. When we have everything we need in order to call you together again, we will do so. Please know this.

The other thing to keep in mind is that unless you hear it from myself or a Leadership Board member, please ask me about it before you share it with someone else. This is how we can avoid gossip. For example, some believe this decision has already been made by the board and have voiced that belief to others. However, our Leadership Board chairman has started every church-wide meeting by saying, “No decision has been made, or will be made, without the church.” We can all avoid gossip by going to the source with this type of situation and getting the truth. There is power in truth. 

- Pastor Chad