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“[Holy Spirit] power gives us a taste of the world to come, which ruins us for anything less… Let’s become the generation that hungers for all that is now possible.” 

I recently started a new devotional called Tongues of Fire: 50 Days Celebrating Pentecost. Each day, the reading is focused on the Holy Spirit. The authors vary from John Wesley to Smith Wigglesworth and Marilyn Hickey. These particular words were penned by Bill Johnson out of Bethel Church. The words above stood out to me as I read them this morning and I immediately knew I needed to share them with you. I have felt that different topics have occupied much of my time and writing during the months I have been with you. Most of those topics are topics I would not have chosen: COVID restrictions and reopening plans, building stuff, and even quelling the gossip mill at times. All of this is important work in the moment, but it is also work that ultimately goes away. COVID will eventually pass. Buildings have always been temporary. Gossip dies in the hands of facts. They are all temporary, fleeting, momentary issues.

But the quote above from Bill Johnson points to my heart for the things I hope to be permanent in our church. What things should our hearts really be attached to as followers of Jesus? For me, that list always begins with Jesus. Our hearts should long for Jesus more than anything else; to see him move and work in lives in his way through the Holy Spirit. This is the awesome, life-changing eternal work of the Spirit. The work of the Spirit, as Johnson points out here, will ruin you for anything less. When the Spirit gets involved, all disease, buildings, and people kneel before his power. The impossible becomes possible when we obey the will of God in faith.

This quote describes my life. I have tasted of what the Spirit does when we let him lead and I cannot go back. Part of why I push so hard for change is because I want to see the Spirit poured out in our church and community in ways that will leave you in awe. It is the “you haven’t seen nothing yet” moment. This requires change and sometimes very big change. Change is simply our way of releasing what once was so that we can grab onto what is and will be in the Lord.

There is nothing I desire more in life than to live in that new, changed reality defined by hunger for more. Everything else will pass away and it should pass away, but the hunger for more of the Spirit must always be in our hearts: more and more and more of the Spirit.

Come, Holy Spirit!