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We have been spending time on Sunday mornings talking about Holy Habits. For many people, these habits are hard to form. In fact, it is estimated that it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a new habit. On average, it takes 66 days for an action to become automatic. That is a long time to continue doing the same thing repeatedly!

That is why these habits are often called “spiritual disciplines.” They require us to be disciplined in creating them. Another word you might use here is “intentional.” Habit-forming is a little easier when you are intentional in doing them. Whether that means setting a date with Jesus every morning or creating a daily routine that includes a holy habit, there are many ways we can intentionally build a habit in our relationship with God.

Perhaps the real motivation that builds intentionality is a deep and true love for Jesus. When we love something enough, we seem to find time for that person or thing without much problem. When we truly love Jesus, finding time to worship or pray becomes much easier. We desire to be with him all the time. Our relationship with him becomes personal. We prioritize him.

Do we truly love and follow Jesus? If so, creating these times of relationship with him should be at the top of our priority list. We’ve discussed numerous ways to spend time with Jesus every day throughout this last series: Bible reading, prayer, stewardship, and worship. There are many others out there. No matter how you choose to take your relationship deeper, I encourage you to pick one to focus on this month. Become this guy in the comic who has praised so much he is now stuck. What if we were all “stuck” on Jesus mode? What a world that would be!

Pick a discipline and stick to it. Remember: 66 days is the average so stick to it until you feel like you’ve got it down.