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“I have so much to do that I spend several hours in prayer before I am able to do it.” - John Wesley

We have had an eventful couple of weeks at First UMC and the Life Center. Following our Sunday evening State of the Church on August 8th, many of you have expressed your thoughts, feelings, and emotions about the costs of the buildings, the current state of our church, and how to move forward. I believe it was said best on Sunday night that no two people feel the same way about it. There are logistical factors and then there are heart factors, numbers and emotions all mixed. Those two things mean this conversation is not easy. However, that does not mean it is not a necessary conversation to have. 

I have had numerous people ask me since that time what we should do now with that information. As I’ve prayed about an answer to that question, there has been one answer that has repeatedly come to my spirit. I believe this answer is biblical and aligns with the heart of Methodism founder, John Wesley. What must we do now?

Simple: Pray. 

If this church begins any conversation without fervent and steady prayer, we will always end at the wrong answer. Most of you know this to be true because your own lives have proven the importance of prayer again and again. Prayer changes the atmosphere in every room you enter. Prayer leads to the miraculous. Prayer moves us closer to Jesus by relinquishing our grasp on our lives in favor of letting Jesus drive. Nothing happens without prayer. 

During this season, it is more important than ever that you pray. It will be tempting to not pray. It can be challenging to pray for people we disagree with when we know God might change our hearts instead of theirs. It can be challenging to pray for God’s will to be done when it may not be the same as our will. It can be challenging to pray for a way forward when the path looks treacherous. But we must pray! 

It is imperative that we pray for God to: 

  • Unite our church around a shared mission and love for Jesus. 
  • Guide our hearts to align with His. 
  • Provide wisdom to our church leaders and members who will be making decisions for the future of our church. 
  • Make clear the decision that will lead to the most fruitful ministry for our church and the community. 

If we are not praying, church, the decision we make is irrelevant. If we are not praying, any decision the church makes will not have a firm foundation and we will fall. We must pray in this season!  

Would you commit to pray with me?