A Look At our Preschool

Our program is one of the educational ministries of our church. It is our responsibility to provide a Christian environment at our preschool. We take this responsibility seriously. While our church sponsors our program, our staff and students represent many denominations.

Our Purpose

Our program at First United Methodist Preschool seeks to meet the emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual needs of each child at their current stage of development.

Preschool Units

All of our morning activities are organized around units, each with a particular focus. Some of the units for Preschool year will include:

  • Transportation
  • Community Helpers
  • Space
  • Dr. Seuss
  • I am Special
  • Harvest Time
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Winter Fun
  • Healthy Me
  • The Easter Story
  • Music
  • The Zoo

Parent Involvement

A Parent Orientation is held the first week of school to familiarize parents with our program and provide an opportunity to meet other parents and answer any questions you may have.

Our Christmas Program

Our Christmas program is a highlight of the year. Parents and family members are invited by our students to this special celebration of Jesus’ birthday. It will put you in the Christmas spirit! A reception follows.

Parent Night

Parent night takes place in the spring and shows off how much our children are really learning. We sing songs, do some finger plays, and have a presentation by our extended day students. Their art covers the walls of our gym. We have a reception following the program in our Garden Room.

Field Trips

We take field trips that relate to our units. Some places we visit are the apple orchard, the fire station, the farm, the library, and the police station. We also enjoy special visits to the school by doctors, dentists, the police K-9 unit, an ambulance and fire truck, and others. We encourage parents who have a unique background, occupation or special talent to visit.

Extended Day Program

A unique feature of our preschool is our extended day program. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday students have the option of staying at school until 2:00 p.m. Each child brings their own lunch and we eat together, share a short rest time and then the fun really begins. Our afternoon focuses on cool learning experiences with science, math, and literacy. We also have extended time in the gym. This is an opportunity to provide your child with more kindergarten readiness and preparation for full-daykindergarten. We will accept the first 15 students who register.


Our Typical Day

Circle Time

We begin each day with circle time. We learn the days of the week, the names of the months, and we work on counting skills as we determine what day it is. We talk about the weather as we dress our classroom weather bear. We sing songs and do finger plays that relate to our unit of study. We dance to silly music to work on coordination and large motor skills. We also allow each child the opportunity to share. Each child gradually learns to be patient until it is their turn. This time also helps to increase vocabulary.

Free Play

Child-initiated play is a cornerstone of our program. Play areas vary from week to week. Children are free to participate wherever they choose. There truly is a great deal of learning that takes place as they “play.” Favorites include the art center, science center, blocks, sand table, dramatic play, puppet theater, and our many table activities. During this time, lead teachers have the opportunity to work one on one with students in many areas including numbers, letters, sequencing, colors, shapes, size recognition, opposites, etc. All of these activities are designed to promote self-confidence and creativity.

Snack/Story Time

Each day there is a child who will be the leader for the day. They will provide the snack and will assist during the day with many responsibilities, one of which is assisting the room aid in serving a snack. While snack is prepared the other children listen to stories that pertain to our current unit. We also encourage children to bring in their favorite stories as they relate to our unit. During this time we also often have time for a game or song/dance. The children will then wash their hands and find their seats by locating their name tag. We then pray together before eating. We encourage healthy snacks and sometimes make our own.


Gym Time

We are very fortunate at First United Methodist to have a gym. This is always a very favorite part of our day. Large motor skills are important to develop. With them come balance, coordination and spatial awareness. We have a wide variety of equipment that changes from week to week. We crawl through tunnels, step on stepping stones, cross the balance beam, slide down the slide, shoot some baskets, toss a bean bag, or go bowling. We also enjoy our parachute activities as well as our giant moon bouncer. We also include group game. In addition, we have a walled in patio outside with play equipment, trikes, and a large sandbox.


We have a truly wonderful staff of caring professionals at First United Methodist. We are committed to providing your child with a loving and exciting learning environment. Our teachers are all certified in Early Education.

For more information please contact:
Diane Bailey
Director of Preschool
574-533-9518 ext. 107