Missions We Support

The Tenorio Family in Ixiamas, Bolivia

We feel so blessed to still be living in Ixiamas, Bolivia! Mateo is finishing out the school year as the religion teacher at the local elementary school. 

Natasha is doing great and will turn one on December 5.  Maya just turned three yesterday. Williston has finished kindergarten and will be a first grader next year.  Rachel spends most of her time with the children, but also teaches English classes and has the “front porch” ministry.

 Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!

 Ganta, Africa

Our church began supporting the Ganta Africa School Project in 1988. Thus began many projects to support the school, such as making school bags and filling them with school supplies for the students. A scholarship program was also begun to assist the many students unable to meet the tuition requirement. The Ganta complex consists of 600 acres, which is not only home to the grade school, high school, and gymnasium, but also a leper colony, and the Ganta Hospital which includes an eye clinic and school of nursing.

Christmas Gift Ministry

The Christmas Gift Ministry is about bringing hope to families in the season where so many see a desolate, cold and dark place. Our mission is to provide gifts to our local community by providing gifts of love, food, gas cards, letters of encouragement, and a Bible, so that all may read and know of the light that God has brought. For more information, please contact the church office, 533-9518.

Discretionary Fund

The Discretionary Fund is a fund to help church families with financial needs. We receive donations outside of the church budget of about $25,000 per year, and we pass those monies on to hurting families.

Goshen Interfaith Hospitality Network

Our church assists Goshen Interfaith Hospitality Network by providing meals at different times of the year for homeless families. At night these families are housed at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church and during the day they are at the Day Center in Goshen.